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Company Name:Wayne County Government
Employment Type:Full Time
Category:Public Services
Pay:$39, 550 - Other
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Wayne County's Engineering department is looking for some motivated people to work on road construction projects throughout the county.  This is an excellent chance to learn some basic engineering principles and put that knowledge to work for Wayne County!

Project Supervisors perform civil engineering work as a member of a survey crew, field inspector, materials testing technician or traffic technician on construction or maintenance projects. Ordinarily, the work is closely supervised by the survey party chief, by an engineer or by an inspector / technician of higher rank. Work assignments will be in connection with construction of roads, bridges or storm water drainage systems, making routine inspections and tests of construction materials, oversight of work performed to assure conformance with contract specifications, and will also include first stage documentation of all construction project activities.




At the time of application and appointment, eligible candidates must have: 


  • A valid State of Michigan driver's license and an acceptable safe driving record. (INDICATE MICHIGAN DRIVER'S LICENSE NUMBER ON THE APPLICATION); AND
  • One of the following criteria; either a) or       b):
  • An Associate's Degree in Civil Engineering Technology or higher level engineering degree as determined acceptable by the Department of Personnel/Human Resources; OR
  • A Bachelor's Degree in any discipline with two (2) years of experience surveying land, inspecting projects, reviewing traffic reports and specifications for construction and maintenance projects, and testing construction materials such as soil, cement, aggregate, and asphalt.

NOTE: At the time of application it is preferred that the candidate possess at least one of the following certifications:

• MDOT Field Manager Certification

• MDOT Computerized Office Technician

• MCA-Level 1

• ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician-Grade 1

• ICET Michigan Certified Aggregate Inspection Technician Certification-Level 1 or 2

• ICET Michigan Certified Density Control Technician Certification

• ICET Michigan Certified Bituminous Laboratory Technician Certification-Level 1

• ACSM Surveying Technician Level One

• ICET Michigan Certified Bituminous QA/AC Technician Certification

• Nuclear Gauge Operator Certification

• IMSA Sign and Pavement Marking-Level 1,2 or 3

• IMSA Work Zone Safety

• Construction Storm Water Operator Certification

• Comprehensive Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Certification


During the probation period, candidates must obtain at least one of the above certifications. If the certification is not obtained, the employee will be removed from the Project Supervisor position pursuant to the Department of Personnel/Human Resources and Department of Public Services procedures.

Candidates must submit copies of college degree/transcripts and requested certifications, for acceptance to this examination. Failure to submit the requested documents will result in rejection of the application.

SPECIAL CONDITIONS Candidates will be required to lift heavy tools and equipment, soil/rock/cement samples, and must have the ability to drive stakes into the ground.

NOTE: At the time of application, candidates must submit copies of college degree/transcripts and requested certifications, for acceptance to this examination. Failure to submit the requested documents will result in rejection of the application. *A multiple choice examination will be administered prior to appointment to this position.


Written Exam will be rated at 85% and will include knowledge of basic construction principles, mathematics, engineering technology, materials testing and the use of surveying instruments, measuring devices, materials testing equipment, project data entry, construction software knowledge and construction tools. (Calculators may be used during the Written Exam)

Experience, Training and Certifications will be rated at 15%. (Credit will be awarded to applicants who submit certifications prior to the written exam)

Candidates must pass all tests to be placed on the eligible list.


In the event that the number of eligible applicants is equal to or less than the number required for certification, the Department of Personnel/Human Resources may substitute for the above tests an evaluation of experience and training or such other tests as the Department may deem desirable to determine the competence of the applicants for promotion.



To establish an eligible list from which to fill present and future vacancies. The eligible list will remain in effect for six (6) months, but may be extended.

This is a continuous examination and ranking on the eligible list will be subject to change as names are added to and removed from the list.




Pay Rate and Fringe Benefits: Appointments will usually be made at the minimum rate with annual increases where applicable. Payment is on a biweekly basis. Employees receive liberal fringe benefits, which include vacation pay, sick leave pay, health care insurance, optical, dental, long term disability, life insurance and a retirement plan.


How to Apply: Application must be made on an official application form (P/HR-210), which may be obtained at the office of the Department of Personnel/Human Resources. The application will be used for determining eligibility for admission to the examination and as a basis for rating experience and training.


Drug Screen: A pre-employment drug screen may be given to persons hired by the County to fill positions requiring an employee to drive a County vehicle or operate County equipment. Candidates who do not pass the drug screen will be disqualified. Employees may be required to submit to random drug screening in accordance with departmental policy and/or collective bargaining agreements.


Background Investigation: A background investigation, which may include past employment, driving record and criminal history of candidates will be conducted prior to hiring.


Probationary Period: Appointees must satisfactorily complete a probationary period before the appointment will be considered permanent, in accordance with the provisions of the collective bargaining agreements.


Veteran's Preference: Honorably discharged war veterans who receive passing grades on examinations will have ten (10) points added to their final earned examination scores and those who have a service connected disability will have five (5) points added to their score, for a possible total of fifteen (15) additional points.


Equal Opportunity Employer: The County of Wayne is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, marital status, height, weight, arrest record or disability.


Accommodations for the Disabled: A disabled person needing accommodation in connection with a job application or to participate in the examination process must notify the Department of Personnel/Human Resources. A reasonable accommodation may also be required on the job to enable the individual to perform the essential job functions. Such accommodations will be evaluated at the time of appointment. Hearing or speech impaired persons using TDD's or similar devices may contact the Michigan Relay Center, toll free at (800) 649-3777 or 711 to communicate directly with the Department of Personnel/Human Resources during regular working hours.    


Appeal of Rejection: Persons denied permission to compete in an examination may make a written appeal to the Wayne County Civil Service Commission for a final decision. An appeal must be filed within twenty (20) days following the mailing of the rejection stating the basis on which the application should be accepted.


Review of Examination: A request to review an examination must be made in writing within twenty (20) days after the notice of result of the examination is mailed. An appeal concerning the rating received must be made in writing within twenty (20) days after the review. An appeal must state the basis on which it is claimed that the rating is improper.

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