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Quick Facts
Company Name:Wayne County Government
Location:Detroit, MI
Employment Type:Other
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Major Description of Job

This internship student will work under the supervision of the Director of Diversity and Inclusion to assist with the implementation of Wayne County's Wayne United diversity and inclusion initiative. Wayne United is based on Wayne County Executive Warren C. Evans goal to promote & support diversity and inclusion as a core strength of Wayne County's communities. The program will focus on creating a collaboration between Nonprofits, Educational Institutions, Government Agencies and Private businesses that work directly with Wayne County residents. There is thepotential to earn educational credits for hours worked as an Intern.

The primary focus of this internship opportunity is researching, creating, developing, and maintaining a strong and vibrant relationship with Nonprofits, Educational Institutions, Government Agencies and Private businesses that work directly with Wayne County residents to establish partnerships and collaboration with Wayne United.

The goal for theintern(s) is to create a strategic plan that is developed through deep conversations with the different groups addressing areas of concern & interests within Wayne County, as it relates to its diverse population i.e. ethnicity, faith, race, immigration. After identifying the main issues, the group will develop a strategic plan.

Primary Tasks

Internship requires 8 - 15 hours per week devoted to Wayne United work.

A period of no less than one semester from October thru December.

Most work will be done during Wayne County's regular work hours with some occasional evening and weekend work.

Creating content for Wayne United blog, Website, such as information about ethnic holidays and events, taking photographs or videos at such events, keeping all content at the website current, etc.;

Working with Communication Department to establish social media presence for Wayne United.

Building Wayne United presence by developing and maintaining social media tools. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram blogging, etc., and researching the effectiveness an Implementation of additional social media tools

Other typical tasks might be:

Assisting at Wayne United events and activities by creating, transporting, setting-up, staffing, and tearing-down of exhibits and displays

Developing, disseminating, and analyzing surveys of employees, community-based organizations, specific population groups, and the general public with regard to their knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors regarding diversity and inclusion,

Developing specialized lists, directories, mobile apps, etc. of ethnic and diversity-oriented commercial and cultural assets in Wayne County

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