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Simulation Engineer - 0270 - Farmington Hills, MI

Quick Facts
Company Name:Design Systems, Inc.
Location:Farmington Hills, MI
Employment Type:Full Time
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Position Duties:

  • Develop simulation models utilizing AutoMod, Witness, FlexSim and Siemen's Plant Simulation
  • Model several types of systems including; power & free, conveyors, AGV, tugger delivery systems, ASRS systems, Dock/Marshalling systems
  • Bottleneck identification and resolution
  • Verify/validate system throughput capabilities
  • Evaluate several operating method to improve system performance
  • Determine the number of carriers/skids required for production
  • Perform delivery routes analysis, operator efficiency analysis
  • Docking, staging and marshaling analysis
  • Uptime/Line Rate sensitivity analysis

Skills and Experience Required:

  • Minimum of 4 years experiences in manufacturing engineering environment is preferred.
  • Minimum of 2 years experiences in Material Handling using Discrete Event Simulation is preferred.
  • Knowledge/Experience of Body Shop, Paint Shop and General Assembly is a plus.
  • Knowledge of different type of transportation such as AGV, fork truck, tugger and dolly is preferred. Knowledge of different type of conveyor and control logic preferred.
  • Throughput simulation experience is a plus.
  • Demonstrated proficiencies in the following software package and languages are preferred: AutoMod, Plant Simulate (Siemens), FlexSim.
  • Candidate must have basic AutoCAD skill, strong MS Office suite skill, and basic programming skill.

Computer Skills:

  • Microsoft Office
  • AutoCAD
  • Programming Skills (preferred)
  • AutoMod
  • Siemens' Plant Simulation
  • FlexSim
  • Witness


  • Bachelor's (preferred)

Other Requirements

  • Valid driver's license

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