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Autonomous Vehicle Algorithm Engineer - Plymouth, MI

Quick Facts
Location:Plymouth, MI
Employment Type:Full Time
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Design and develop algorithms for autonomous driving and other ADAS projects.

Key Responsibilities

1. Assist with designing, improving, developing, and verifying algorithms and modules for autonomous driving

  • Collaborate with team members to create and/or improve system and/or software architecture
  • Capture designs and requirements using tools and documents
  • Collaborate to implement designs, conduct testing in simulation, and verify performance on vehicles
  • Collaborate to understand and refine ideas from other team members
  • Strive to achieve project objectives on time and within budget

2. Develop expertise and state of the art knowledge in modern (CNNs) and traditional (classifiers and planners) AI algorithms and techniques.

  • Maintain state of the art knowledge in field of expertise.
  • Engage in strategic regional activities (workshops, conferences, etc).
  • Interact with other professionals/experts in the field.
  • Mentor and support development of junior members of team.
  • Participate in development of new concepts and project ideas to advance Mobis AV capabilities.

Collaborative Working Relationships

  • Collaborate with regional experts, associations, and agencies regarding autonomous, connected, and new ADAS technologies.

Key Tasks

  • Design, develop, and test AD software systems to achieve department goals
  • Use of model-based development (Matlab/Simulink) to simplify logic verification and simplify/speed path to mass production
  • Collaborate with, mentor, and enhance colleagues to make the team stronger
  • Maintain expertise and state of the art knowledge in autonomous driving algorithms and approaches

Experience Level

  • 5+ years industry experience after related Ph.D., or 10+ years of experience after related Master's degree
  • Education and experience should be related to Autonomous Vehicle algorithm design and development

Educational Requirement

  • Masters in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related fields
  • PhD a plus

Additional Experiences

  • Active Safety or autonomous vehicle technology development
  • Advanced engineering experience

Required Skills

  • Strong mathematics background and knowledge
  • Strong expertise and state of the art knowledge in modern (CNNs) and traditional (search, classifiers, and planners) AI algorithms and techniques
  • Strong software engineering background and knowledge
  • Research and development / advanced engineering
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Identifying and documenting Intellectual property
  • International teamwork and coordination
  • Vehicle chassis systems knowledge
  • Development environments (vehicle and simulation)
  • Robotics/mechatronics/controls/perception knowledge
  • C++ and/or Model based development (Matlab/Simulink)
  • Advanced engineering focus
  • Simulation and system analysis experience

Key Result Areas & Success Indicators

  • Effective and productive completion of tasks
  • High quality completion of advanced engineering projects
  • Effective relations with AV colleagues in Korea and Germany
  • Safe operations with no accidents.

Travel Requirements

  • 4 - 8% for business trips, domestic and abroad.


  • Understanding/Sense of International affairs.
  • Systematic thinking, Understanding interconnections of complicated systems, ability to model systems for predicting outcomes.
  • Flexibility/Adaptability for changes in work environment challenges.

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