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Brake Technician - Plymouth, MI

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Location:Plymouth, MI
Employment Type:Contract
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  • Primary: Provide technical support for Brake Team, Mobis R&D Center in Plymouth, MI
  • Secondary: Provide technical support for other Engineering functional groups, Mobis R&D Center in Plymouth, MI
  • Provide comprehensive support of execution of Brake component/system testing preparation and execution of data generation for brake dynamometer, R&D lab, and vehicle level environments.
  • Assist/support Engineers with running dynamometer and other bench tests, including manual control of bench test equipment and dynamometers.
  • Plan sequence of testing on a daily basis for instrumentation and test equipment, demonstrating ability to follow general test priorities.
  • Set up fixtures/hardware for brake dynamometer and other bench tests (requires lifting up to 60 lbs.)
  • Measure parts for dimensional compliance, wear, and other characteristics pre/post test.
  • Disassemble test hardware and inspect components for defects, irregularities.
  • Setup software and make minor programming changes to dynamometer test codes.
  • Read and follow test request directions and other instructions consistently.
  • Perform calibration of instrumentation, such as micrometers, pressure transducers, torque cells, and other sensitive measurement equipment.
  • Set up noise testing equipment including routing of cables, calibration checks, and sound analyzers.
  • Execute tasks with high level of attention to detail, application of critical thinking, and ability to conduct tests properly while minimizing errors.
  • Communicate with and support internal customers (engineers, technical leadership, etc.)
  • Support, and in some cases lead specification, design, creation/fabrication of test equipment to support MTCA Brake Lab capability, through internal or external sources.
  • Report to management and stakeholders on status, outcomes, and results versus established targets and metrics.

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