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Autonomous Vehicle Research Engineer - Plymouth, MI

Quick Facts
Location:Plymouth, MI
Employment Type:Full Time
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Lead researcher for autonomous vehicle advanced engineering projects.

Key Responsibilities
1. Provide technical leadership for autonomous vehicle development project team

- Identify, delegate, and track project tasks of project team members.

- Support technical development of junior members of team.

- Provide single point of contact to management for status and reporting.

- Coordinate team-level decisions for unexpected challenges and changes.

2. Execute research projects

- Work to meet research project objectives on time and within budget.

- Provide effective technical/project leadership to guide and motivate team.

- Create final project reports and ensure necessary documentation is captured.

3. Propose and plan new projects to advance AV technology toward goals

- Participate in development of new concepts and project ideas to advance Mobis AV capabilities.

- Review and refine ideas from other members of department.

- Formulate effective project plans to achieve useful results towards new concepts and ideas.

- Collaborate to budget and plan project resources.

4. Develop expertise and state of the art knowledge in modern (CNNs) and traditional (classifiers and planners) AI algorithms and techniques.

- Track regional intelligence and developments in field of expertise.

- Engage in strategic regional activities (workshops, conferences, etc).

- Interact with other professionals/experts in the field.

Collaborative Working Relationships

  • Collaborate with regional experts, associations, and agencies regarding autonomous, connected, and new ADAS technologies.

Key Tasks

  • Propose and plan new projects to advance AV technology toward goals.
  • Provide technical leadership for research project teams.
  • Execute research projects.
  • Develop expertise and state of the art knowledge in domain of Autonomy/Systems/Robotics.

Experience Level

  • 8 - 10 years of engineering experience with:

- R&D project lead experience

- Automotive research & development experience

- Advanced engineering focus

- Autonomous vehicle development experience

- Simulation and system analysis experience

Educational Requirement

  • Masters in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related fields
  • PhD a plus

Additional Experiences

  • Research or advanced engineering project lead.
  • Contracting with external research partners/services.
  • Active Safety or autonomous vehicle technology development.

Required Skills

  • Project planning and execution
  • Technical team leadership
  • Research and development / advanced engineering
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Documenting Intellectual property
  • International teamwork and coordination
  • Vehicle chassis systems knowledge
  • Development environments (vehicle and simulation)
  • Robotics/mechatronics/controls/perception knowledge
  • C++ and Model based development (Matlab/Simulink)

Key Result Areas & Success Indicators

  • Execution of advanced R&D projects.
  • Effective relations with AV colleagues in Korea.
  • Productivity and Moral of project team.
  • Effective utilization of resources.
  • Successful demonstrations/reports of projects to management.
  • Safe operations with no accidents.

Travel Requirements

  • 4 - 8% for business trips, domestic and abroad.


  • Understanding/Sense of International affairs.
  • Systematic thinking, Understanding interconnections of complicated systems, ability to Model systems for predicting outcomes.
  • Flexibility/Adaptability for changes in work environment challenges.
  • Organizing top level tasks for others.

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