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Material Industrial Engineer - Warren, MI

Quick Facts
Company Name:Design Systems, Inc.
Location:Warren, MI
Employment Type:Contract
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Bachelors degree in industrial engineering or similar field

6-8 years of work experience

  • Daily work will primarily take place within Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint and Factory CAD
  • Basic knowledge of AGV's, AGC's, AMR's, and other automated delivery equipment
  • Must be able to work on a cross-functional team and on your own
  • Ideal candidates will have the following characteristics: confident, resourceful, self-starter, organized, proactive, able to work with minimal direct supervision, decisive, pays attention to detail, has high personal standards and hold yourself accountable to them.

Job details:

  • Location - Warren
  • Travel - Local Michigan plants
  • Work week - Monday through Friday
  • Shift - General day shift
  • Start Date - Immediate
  • Project Duration - 2 years with high probability of further extension.

Position Duties

  • Create Factory CAD layouts of material lineside displays, storage areas, kitting and sequencing cells
  • Perform site field checks as needed to update drawings
  • Understand all data inputs into the PFEP which include: EBOM, process scroll, inbound transportation data, and containerization data
  • Evaluate PFEP data and plant layout to develop material flow master plan
  • Perform static manpower analysis using standard time data to create job assignments for material handling
  • Perform dock capacity analysis
  • Perform storage analysis
  • Assign delivery methods for each part number ensuring parts that need to be sequenced or kitted are identified and appropriate action taken
  • Assign dock doors for inbound direct loads, metered material, sequence parts, and tier 1 sequence commodities
  • Evaluate packing size and density for each part to ensure optimal flow and display for the operator. Work with the packaging team to right size anything driving material handling cost or lineside issues
  • Assign delivery equipment and manpower to all parts in the PFEP
  • Evaluate PIV needs for each manned route including PIV specs and any onboard computer/scanner equipment required for delivery
  • Create SWI packets for material handling department
  • Work with the dynamic simulation team on internal material flow
  • Work with the dynamic simulation team on external flow for yards, gates, and doors
  • Publish KPI's and report out weekly
  • Use open issues lists, action register, checklists, program schedule, lessons learned, and other documents/documentation methods to further the project
  • Evaluate problems as they arise, develop and implement solutions
  • Follow and drive closure of open issues
  • Evaluate current or POR material flow and identify opportunities for cost savings and continuous improvement
  • Perform business case / payback analysis/ make vs buy studies
  • Be able to travel to jobs sites as needed
  • Support DSI's corporate goal of focusing on ensuring our clients receive world class value on every project

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