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Quick Facts
Company Name:Wayne County Government
Location:Detroit, MI
Employment Type:Part Time
Category:Jail Services
Pay:$29.42 per hour
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The Part-Time Court Officer monitors participants and public observers for proper demeanor and conduct and maintains the safety of in-custody defendants and juveniles. The Part-Time Court Officer provides security for judges, litigants and visitors to ensure orderly and efficient court proceedings. This position also enforces state laws and takes appropriate police action and assists with building, perimeter and public security as well as assisting with public screenings.

  • Required Tasks
    • Monitor courtroom participants and public observers for proper demeanor and conduct.
    • Monitor and maintain the safety of in-custody defendants and juveniles.
    • Be familiar with and prepared to assist with building emergency procedures.
    • Enforce State laws and take appropriate police action upon request or observation of criminal activity.
    • Must have knowledge of departmental policies, regulations, procedures and forms, excellent report writing skills, and the ability to use a computer.
    • Must provide proper transportation of prisoners from lockups to courtrooms, and Jail facilities.
    • Must assist with building security, perimeter security, public security, public screening, and other duties as assigned by command officers.
    • Provide courtroom security for judges, litigants, and visitors to ensure orderly and efficient court proceedings.
    • Provide police services and assist public needs.
    • Handcuff, arrest, detain and transport prisoners within the court building.
    • Ensure a safe and orderly environment that provides the public with safe access to the judicial system.
    • Maintain control and order in difficult situations.
    • Work co-operatively with other police agencies.


  • Educational Requirements
    • High School Diploma or equivalent
    • Must be MCOLES certified or certifiable
    • Completion of Police Academy
    • Completion of annual Wayne County Sheriff online police training updates.
    • Driver's License and good driving record.

Medical Examination:

A pre-employment medical examination, including a drug screen, is given to persons to be hired by the County to evaluate their required physical and mental health. Candidates who do not pass the medical examination and drug screen will be disqualified. APPLICANTS MUST MEET MCOLES/MSCTC STANDARDS.

The Charter County of Wayne is Michigan's largest county. We are home to 34 cities and nine townships. From Rockwood to Livonia, from Sumpter Township to the Grosse Pointes, each community in Wayne County offers residents and businesses a unique blend of opportunity to live, work, play and raise families. Headquartered in Detroit, our largest city and the automotive capital of the world, Wayne County offers a diversified economy and high standards for our residents' quality of life. Our history is rich and we take pride in being one of the most diverse communities that values culture, arts, and world-class amenities. Wayne County provides leadership that ensures the County operates efficiently, effectively, and responsibly. We provide transparently while building a stronger County inclusive of collaborations, innovation, and a clear focus on serving our residents.

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