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Quick Facts
Company Name:Wayne County Government
Location:Detroit, MI
Employment Type:Full Time
Category:Jail Services
Pay:$48654 - $49093 per year
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Hiring Incentive: $2,500 paid after 1 year of service. An additional $2,500 to be paid after 2 years of service.

The Police Officer is under the direct supervision of a Sheriff's Command Officer. Police Officer's perform professional police work for the Wayne County Sheriff's Office. This position will be assigned to the Wayne County Jail and will provide inmate security and supervision in any of the three (3) jail facilities. The Police Officer is vital to the day-to-day operation of the Sheriff's Office.

  • Required Tasks
    • Maintain and ensure the security of the Wayne County Sheriff's Jail and its prisoners.
    • Conform to rules regulations and procedures of the Wayne County Sheriff's Jail.
    • Provide for and ensure the humane treatment of prisoners.
    • Testify at legal or legislative proceedings.
    • Monitor, supervise and control inmate prisoners.
    • Ensure inmate adherence to laws, rules and regulations.
    • Prepare reports, inmate investigations, transport inmate prisoners, and provide emergency assistance as necessary.
    • Investigate accidents to determine cause.
    • Investigate illegal or suspicious activities.
    • Respond to emergency alarms and situations.
    • Ensure physical and computer accountability of all inmates and accuracy of information.
    • Required to be physically and mentally able to work a minimum of 40.5 hours per week and mandatory overtime.
    • Conduct daily headcounts to ensure that all inmates are present and accounted for.
    • Maintain operational records.
    • Prepare investigation or incident reports.
    • Record crime or accident scene evidence with video or still cameras.
    • Inspect Equipment, Structures, or Material to ensure compliance with security or safety regulations.
    • Record information about suspects or criminals.
    • Ensure the health and welfare of the inmates.
    • Other duties deemed necessary.


  • Educational Requirements
    • Be a citizen of the United States.
    • Be 18 years of age or older and have a high school diploma or G.E.D.
    • Have a valid Michigan Driver's License and a good driving record.
    • Prior to hire, have passed the MSCTC Local Corrections Officer Physical Ability Test (see for details).
    • Prior to hire, have passed the EMPCO written exam.


Background Investigation1(Pass/Fail), Personal Qualifications Interview will be rated at (60%), Experience will be worth (25%), Higher Education will be worth (15%).

1A comprehensive investigation of each applicant's background will be conducted. Applicants will be fingerprinted. A check will be made of the applicant's present and past employment, financial responsibilities, traffic violation record, conservation law conviction record and criminal conviction record. An unacceptable report of any of these records will be cause for rejection of the applicant or disqualification of the applicant's examination. A felony conviction will automatically disqualify the applicant. Reports on these and other related matters will be made a part of the investigation report. This report may be used as a partial basis for the personal qualification rating at the interview.

Applicants that are disqualified for any reason may not re-apply for a police officer examination for six (6) months from the date of disqualification.



The purpose of this examination is to establish an eligibility list from which to fill present and future vacancies including temporary positions. The list will remain in effect for six (6) months but may be extended. The eligibility list resulting from this examination will be used only when there are no persons available on the current established Police Officer lists, 2911 oc. All lists will remain in existence until exhausted or terminated by the Department of Personnel/Human Resources.

This is a continuous examination and ranking on the eligible list will be subject to change as names are added and removed from the list.


Pay Rate and Fringe Benefits:

Full-time positions will be paid at the minimum pay rate with annual increases where applicable. Payment is on a bi-weekly basis. Full-time, permanent employees receive fringe benefits, which include vacation pay, sick leave pay, health care insurance, optical, dental, long-term disability, life insurance and a retirement plan. Full-time positions are subject to mandatory and voluntary overtime assignments.

Medical Examination:

A pre-employment medical examination, including a drug screen, is given to persons to be hired by the County to evaluate their required physical and mental health. Candidates who do not pass the medical examination and drug screen will be disqualified. APPLICANTS MUST MEET MCOLES/MSCTC STANDARDS.

Civil Service Appeal Rights:

Persons denied permission to compete in an examination may make a written appeal to the Wayne County Civil Service Commission for a final decision within twenty (20) days after the mailing of such notification, stating the basis for their complaint.

Under the Rules of the Department of Personnel/Human Resources (Rule 6, Section 12 and 13), requests to review the personal qualifications interviews must be made in writing within twenty (20) days after the mailing of the notice of results and any appeal concerning the ratings received must be made in writing within twenty (20) days after the review. The appeal must state the basis on which it is claimed that the ratings are improper.

Probationary Period:

Appointees must successfully complete jailer's training and a probationary period as provided in the collective bargaining agreement before the candidate achieves regular status.

Veteran's Preference:

Honorably discharged war veterans who receive passing grades on examinations will have ten (10) points added to their final earned examination scores and those who have a service-connected disability will have five (5) points added to their score, for a possible total of fifteen (15) additional points. Request for and proof of eligibility must be submitted at the time of examination.

The Charter County of Wayne is Michigan's largest county. We are home to 34 cities and nine townships. From Rockwood to Livonia, from Sumpter Township to the Grosse Pointes, each community in Wayne County offers residents and businesses a unique blend of opportunity to live, work, play and raise families. Headquartered in Detroit, our largest city and the automotive capital of the world, Wayne County offers a diversified economy and high standards for our residents' quality of life. Our history is rich and we take pride in being one of the most diverse communities that values culture, arts, and world-class amenities. Wayne County provides leadership that ensures the County operates efficiently, effectively, and responsibly. We provide transparently while building a stronger County inclusive of collaborations, innovation, and a clear focus on serving our residents.

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