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Business Analyst - WI

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Company Name:Global Information Technology
Employment Type:Full Time
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Job Title: Business Analyst
Job Location: Green Bay, WI
Job Type: Full Time

Job Description:

  • Plans and prepares reports and instruction documentation as required
  • Reviews technology capabilities and workflows to determine if program or system changes are possible
  • Models, simulates and enhances business process diagrams (for example, using a graphic-oriented business process analysis/modeling tools)
  • Assists the Technology Group team with the preparation of time and cost estimates for completing projects
  • Determines the value of a change and assists with ROI analysis. Reviews ROI estimates after implementation to validate solution effectiveness
  • Leads internal teams
  • Searches internal and external resources for pre-built models, templates and services to meet process needs
  • Shows process stakeholders how to identify and solve process challenges through simulation of different scenarios, analysis of performance metrics and advanced optimization techniques


  • Process improvement experience; especially experience that leverages technology
  • Experience with the Agile development process
  • Above average analytical skills
  • Innovative and detail oriented
  • Project management experience
  • Knowledge of business practices
  • Knowledgeable in designing and constructing business processes and their links to technology
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